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New York City Pest Control Specialist

Mission Statement

In business for 25 years, NYC Extermination was established by native New Yorker Jeff Pasternack (Go Jets!). The knowledge he gained both working at his parent’s hardware store and from owning and managing an apartment building in New York City gave Jeff great insight into New York City’s pest problems and related control services.

He decided to build a pest control service, implementing his training, and many years of experience with bugs and rodents. He realized his knowledge of pests could help calm people’s fears by successfully finding and treating bug infestations and getting rid of rodent problems for them and their loved ones.

Family owned and with the help of 3 trusted certified exterminators, NYC Extermination offers high-quality pest control services to both commercial and residential customers. Our certified exterminators offer you an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, which is essentially a comprehensive, environmentally-friendly, and effective approach to pest management. An IPM program focuses on a pest’s life cycle and how the environment affects its behavior.

While we have it in for pests, our customers’ health and safety will always remain our top priority. Before any treatment begins, our client’s health or allergy issues are considered and an appropriate course of treatment is designed with those in mind. Whether it’s a change of pesticides or a biological treatment that ends up being more suitable for your needs, your family’s safety is our prime concern. As a result, we use only professional-grade, EPA-registered chemicals. Our methods are not only economical in the long run but are the least hazardous to our customers’ health, their property and are safe for the environment at large.

Furthermore, our services are delivered with excellence and quality as core tenets of our approach. Unlike other pest exterminators, we administer a safe and reliable extermination process for bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, flying insects, ants, and wildlife (including raccoons, squirrels, skunks, possum, birds, bats). We at NYC Exterminator provide a 30-day warranty on all services. Get in touch with us today if you have a pest or rodent infestation; our service will give you peace of mind and tranquility – and a better night’s sleep!


At NYC Extermination, we are proud members of both the National Pest Management Association and NYS Pest Management Association. As active members, we are guaranteed continuous access to new product announcements and upcoming pest legislation that affects the pest control industry. These memberships also allow us continued growth through educational classes that are required by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to maintain our license up to date.